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In Which Our Household is Diminished Greatly

It's been a tough, tough summer at the Bunce homestead. Dealing with this impossible heat, a few scary veterinary crises, vacation plans abruptly abandoned... We'd really love to leave this one off the books, if we could.

Back in June (just a couple days after my last post), our eleven-year-old coonhound mix Gracie Pigeon got pneumonia--complications to a canine respiratory infection that swept our town. At least five other dogs in our neighborhood were sick, too--but Gracie spent three days in ICU on oxygen therapy and "big gun" antibiotics. They weren't sure she was going to make it.

But she DID!! We are SO thankful to say she's made a complete recovery! She's home and being her silly, spunky Pigeon self, no idea she was so sick not too long ago.

But. Fate dealt us a mixed hand, and as so often seems to happen, when Death spared Gracie, he claimed another. Two weeks ago, Gracie's twin brother Baloo fell suddenly ill with a terrifying autoimmune disease called Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia, a condition where the body destroys its own red blood cells. Despite two blood transfusions and a team of amazing doctors and techs who fought like hell for six days, we lost him. It was sudden and confusing and I think we're going to be reeling from it for a long time.

We called Baloo our Golden Boy, and, as my mom said, "He got by on his looks." He had the canine equivalent of JFK's or Bill Clinton's inexplicable charisma--wherever he went, women--especially young, blonde women--would flock to him. It was hilarious!  We used to say his motto was "It's all about pleasing the ladies."

I mean, really: Irresistible.

And so, in honor of our ridiculously handsome and very-much-missed Golden Boy, here's a video of They Might Be Giants performing Baloo's theme song, "Extra Savoir Faire."

We'll miss you, pal.

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