July 15th, 2010

Top Secret StarCrossed news revealed!

Although it's not really a secret anymore, it is finally safe to reveal something we've been keeping under wraps for a few weeks now. Most of you may remember this little image I shared a while back:

Well, we couldn't tell you then, for reasons of security, but it turns out, that cover was merely a DISGUISE! A secret identity!  But now, at long last, I can reveal the true face of my heroine, Digger, and her first adventure:


It's all very fitting, in a book about secret identities, that Digger's book should get one of its own. Her top-secret masters of disguise, Juliana Kolesova and Phil Falco, have been hard at work creating this gorgeous new look for Digger and her story. And now that her true face has been made public, you'll recognize her when you see her!

Only about 10 weeks to go!