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Waiting on Wednesday

Edited to add BIG BIG news via editor Cheryl Klein's blog today!

First, a reminder that until the end of December, StarCrossed is a $2.99 ebook! And that includes a big ol' sample of Liar's Moon. Haven't downloaded your copy yet? Go here for all the details.

Second, Cheryl & I are giving away a signed set of Digger books! It involves retweeting, or something, so you should go here to find out what you need to do.

Even if you're not particularly interested in reading about Digger, that post is chock full of wonderful notes about the craft of writing--and editing--that went into Liar's Moon, and it's a fascinating read.

Go forth & spread the Digger love!
Ok, back to our Waiting On Wednesday post!

I should really get out and do some Christmas shopping, or something, because there aren't any packages scheduled to arrive, and my reading list is curiously blank (I've just finished like five novels in a row with NO paranormal or fantastical elements in them, and I'm having a little bit of withdrawal. Suggestions for recent releases welcome!).

But. I am champing at the bit and haunting the Internets for one particular thing, which should be forthcoming any minute, and I am totally without patience. What am I waiting on this particular Wednesday, you ask?

Yep, it's almost time for the Morris Award Shortlist!! As you know, this is a Big, Big Deal here at Mirth & Matter. I read a lot of great debut novels in 2011 (mostly because lovely authors and publishers sent them to me!), and cannot wait to see what (and who) is on the list this year! ALA Midwinter (where the Youth Media Awards are announced) is January 20-24. I will be posting the news right here just as soon as the list is announced!


In the non-book arena, the thing I really, really wish was here RIGHT NOW is the upcoming gothic film starring Daniel Radcliffe, "Woman in Black." But it doesn't come out until February. (whine)

Oh!! And, thanks to the UK teaser trailer, I've just discovered that this is an adaptation of a 2003 novel by Susan Hill, so I guess I've solved the problem of what to read next!
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