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Watch This Space

Morris Award Interview Season is upon us! For the next few weeks, as is our tradition here at Mirth & Matter, we the Previous Winners have the honor of introducing this year's Finalists to you. Here is our upcoming Morris Award Interview schedule (and links)! Don't forget to stop by and help welcome everyone to the family!

Dr. Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets
Thurs, Jan 9: Blythe Woolston interviews Evan Roskos

In the Shadow of BlackbirdsIn the Shadow of Blackbirds
Mon, Jan 13: I'll interview Cat Winters, right here on Mirth & Matter

Sex & Violence
Thurs, Jan 16: John Corey Whaley interviews Carrie Mesrobian

Charm & Strange
Mon, Jan 20: Rachel Hartman interviews Stephanie Kuehn

Belle Epoque
Thurs, Jan 23: We'll be back here at M&M again with Elizabeth Ross

It's been another fantastic year for debut novelists, and we hope you'll all stop by and show our Finalists a little love. Happy Awards Season, everyone!
Tags: belle epoque, carrie mesrobian, cat winters, charm & strange, dr. bird's advice for sad poets, elizabeth ross, evan roskos, in the shadow of blackbirds, morris award, sex & violence, stephanie keuhn, william c. morris award, yalsa
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